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Your Life your way

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Blue glasses girl

In 2014 I attended a weekend introduction to Coaching, with The Coaching Academy, one of the longest running training schools in the UK. 

By the end of the two days, I had signed up to train as a coach! 

My Life has not been the same since that weekend.

In fact it has changed so much I am currently writing my own autobiography!

Thanks to one of my coaches who is an author and whose own experiences motivated me to start writing again.

Coaching really does change lives.

I both love to coach others and be coached myself.

Some of my personal changes include my choice to leave a hard fought for career in the NHS which had been a huge source of stress.

Finally I decided to take my own health seriously and put my families needs first.

I love with mental illness  and have been through some very dark times, I found art , writing and comedy helped lift my spirit and improve my mental health. 

I now split my time between caring for my son, championing neurodiversity and using creativity to reduce ableism and charity work. 

Becoming a freelance creative coach had allowed me  the creative freedom to  set up with the aim to share with you what I create.

Sometimes we are lead to think our hopes and ideas are only pipedreams all I can say is give it go, say yes to your personal goals and see where it takes you.

Take a look at the calendar to see what events, workshops and talks are happening. 

If you decide you would like to be coached by me simply get in touch and we will have a call or video chat to discuss more. 

Stay Blessed 

Blue glasses girl x

Why Blue glasses girl? 

Blue glasses girl wears specialty aqua tinted glasses, to alleviate  symptoms of Irlens syndrome and dyslexia. She also lives with mental illness called PTSD. Blueglasses girl is a mother also to a son with special needs she is a keen disabled rights activist. 

She works freelance when her health allows as a creative, coach consultant and event planner. when her health allows. 

Blueglassesgirl is vegan and disabled.

Click on portfolio to what project she is involved with currently., Or stalk her on social media she doesn’t mind as long as you don’t spam - because she vegan. ;-) 

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